View of the front of a residential home with textured siding and a blue front entry door

View of the front of a residential home with textured siding and a blue front entry doorSelling a home can be a stressful process, so it’s not hard to imagine why a homeowner wouldn’t want to go through it without a bit of professional help. Most people immediately think of going to a real estate agent when they think of ways to get their home sold, but this method is not without its downsides. Between paying extra fees, dealing with timelines that may not match up with how fast you need to sell, and simply being just one of many of your agent’s clients, it’s no wonder why you’re here seeking a different way to sell your home.

Fortunately, there are plenty of good alternatives to working with a real estate agent when you need to sell your home! However, not all these ways will be the best for you, so it’s important to understand a bit about each before you embark on your home-selling venture. Here are some to know about:

Handle the Sale Yourself

You’ve no doubt come across a “For Sale By Owner” sign at least once, perhaps even in your own neighborhood. This alternative to working with a real estate agent can seem attractive for a few reasons:

  • You won’t have to pay commission fees
  • You’ll be in control of the whole process
  • You can advertise your home however/wherever you like

However, selling your home on your own is no simple feat. It’s a time-, money-, and effort-consuming process that is likely to leave you with less profit in the end than selling through other methods.

Sell With an iBuyer

Another, more modern way to sell your home that doesn’t involve partnering with a real estate agent is selling through an iBuyer, which is a company that buys and sells property completely through virtual and technological means. Websites like Opendoor can be tempting for their easy-to-use nature and as-is buying appeal, but you’re likely to be left with minimal profits by going this route.

Partner With an Express Home Buyer

An express home buyer—or cash home buyer—can bridge the gap between trying to sell your home with a real estate agent and selling through an iBuyer. The right company will be able to handle all the hassles of the traditional home-selling process for you, allowing you to focus on the details of your move without worrying about the constant paperwork, fees, and other headaches that come along with trying to attract buyers. While you may not get as much money for the sale as you would by working with a real estate agent, it’s the perfect alternative if you need to sell fast and can’t afford to make any home repairs or to pay things like closing costs.

The Express Home Buyer to Trust

If partnering with a cash home buyer sounds like the right alternative to working with a real estate agent for you, it’s important to note that not all express buying companies are created equal. While some may try to take advantage of your situation and offer you far less that you deserve for your home, others will work hard to get you a fair cash offer while tackling all the hard parts in between.

If you’re trying to sell a home in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area and need to find an express home buyer you can trust, look no further than Fifth Avenue Property Group. We’re a family-owned company that’s dedicated to putting the needs of our customers first, and you can count on us to simplify the home-selling process for you to get your property sold fast. To learn more about how we can sell your house fast for cash or what makes working with us the best alternative to working with a real estate agent, contact us today.

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