Are Cash Home Buyers Legit

Are Cash Home Buyers LegitIf you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen plenty of street signs and online advertisements that read, “We Buy Houses!” and “We pay cash for houses!” It’s easy to understand the appeal of these offers. After all, no one enjoys keeping their house pristine for months on end while a seemingly unending parade of realtors and potential home buyers drop by for visits. You’ve never called the number on the advertisements though, because you always find yourself asking the same question: Are cash home buyers legit?

It’s a fair question, and the answer really depends on the property group you decide to work with. However, you’ll be happy to learn that certain cash home buyers make dependable partners during a real estate transaction. In fact, many people faced with a sudden job relocation or an unwanted inheritance turn to these groups first. In order to keep your home selling experience as stress-free as possible, here are some things you should look when determining if a cash home buyer is legit.

The Buyer Has a Good Reputation

When you’re good at your job, people will let you know. So, when vetting a cash home buyer, start by looking up reviews. Ratings on third-party sites like Google serve as a general indication of whether people like working with a certain property group. Reviews let you know what to expect from the experience.

Additionally, most property groups have some sort of presence on consumer protection sites like the Better Business Bureau. Look at how these organizations have rated your cash home buyer. Good ratings (A or above) are usually the sign of a legit business, where property buyers conduct transactions above board and interact with clients in an ethical manner.

The Buyer Is Transparent About the Process

No one likes getting hit with hidden commissions or brokerage fees when selling their home. That’s why you should partner with a cash home buyer that’s transparent about its process. Try to find a property group that will buy your home itself instead of one that serves as a “middle-man” that will connect you to another buyer. You should also request proof of funds from your property group. A legit cash home buyer will show you a bank statement, while questionable property groups will only offer promise of payment or letters from lenders.

In the end, you want to find a cash home buyer capable of finalizing the sale of your home. This means choosing a partner that’s both willing to purchase your property directly and capable of paying for it.

The Buyer Has Done This Before

When selling your house to a cash buyer, try to find an experienced group to partner with. After all, selling property is a complex process that involves sales contracts, closing statements, deeds, and transfer tax forms, and all sorts of other paperwork. If your cash home buyer is new to the business, you may find yourself sorting out a forest-worth of paperwork by yourself. An experienced cash home buyer, on the other hand, will have the skills necessary to take care of paperwork in a timely manner.

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