Can You Sell Your House With a Tax Lien

Discovering that government has placed a tax lien on your house has probably caused you no small amount of stress. After all, no one likes being in debt or living with the threat of the government seizing their home. If you’re looking for ways to …

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How to Sell an Inherited Home Fast

Oftentimes, learning you’ve inherited a house stirs up complicated emotions. This news usually comes at a time when grief and plans for laying a loved one to rest are at the forefront of your mind. Dealing with a home sale just doesn’t seem that important. …

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Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Vacant House

Maybe you’ve recently relocated your belongings to a new property. Maybe you find yourself with a recently vacated rental property you’d like to get off your hands. Whatever the case, you now find yourself in the unenviable position of selling an empty house. As any …

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How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

Does the thought of finding a realtor to sell your home fill you with dread? If so, you’re not alone; real estate agents have a reputation for exaggerating the truth, ignoring the needs of homeowners, and pressuring individuals to close on unfavorable deals all for …

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How to Sell the House When You Divorce

When asked to list the most difficult life experiences they can think of, most people will put “divorce” and “moving” near the top of their list. So, it makes sense that selling a house during a divorce can send even the most reasonable people over …

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Are Cash Home Buyers Legit

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen plenty of street signs and online advertisements that read, “We Buy Houses!” and “We pay cash for houses!” It’s easy to understand the appeal of these offers. After all, no one enjoys keeping their house pristine for …

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Sell My House Fast Im Moving

People often have various reasons why they want to sell their home fast. Some people need to sell quickly to avoid foreclosure. Others need to sell my house fast I’m moving Pittsburgh-PA because they have a new job starting in a new location For a …

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Sell My House To Avoid Foreclosure Pittsburgh-PA

If you live in western Pennsylvania and you are facing foreclosure, you should know that you have alternatives. A foreclosure can be devastating on your credit report, bringing it down by as much as 85 to 160 points! That’s just the foreclosure itself. To begin the …

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