The answer is yes you can sell your house in Pittsburgh-PA that you owe taxes on. But it does take some understanding of the complex procedure to do so. Also, when you don’t pay your taxes there is a government taxing authority that has the ability to file a lien on your property. In addition, they can sell your house in Pittsburgh to get paid the money you owe. Even if it doesn’t get this far, it can be challenging to sell a house in Pittsburgh with a lien. The property lien needs to cleared first in order to complete the sale. Normally, a conventional buyer that is taking out a mortgage won’t want to purchase you home. Therefore, it’s usually better to sell to an investor like Fifth Avenue Property Group. In this type of situation they will pay all your taxes and handle the entire process for you. Finally, they will even pay the closing cost and give you the additional money in cash.

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Owed Property Taxes On Pittsburgh House

Most of the time when you get behind on your Pittsburgh property taxes, a lien is placed on your house. The lien is filed by the Pittsburgh county clerk’s office. Allowing the county a claim to your property as security for the unpaid property taxes. In addition, once the lien placed on your house, you won’t be able to sell the house in Pittsburgh-PA until you pay off the delinquent property taxes. When a title search is conducted on your property the lien will show and alert the potential buyer that there is money owed. Typically, this will frighten a potential home buyer away from making the sale.

In Conclusion

If you want to sell your house in Pittsburgh-PA with taxes owed, the best company to contact is Fifth avenue Property Group! They will pay all you behind taxes and clear your name. Also, if you’re in a time crunch due to upcoming tax auction, they’ll close on your house in as little as 7 days! Contact Fifth Avenue Property Group today for your free no-obligation fair cash offer!

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