Can’t Afford Your Mortgage Anymore? Here Are Your Options

Can’t Afford Your Mortgage Anymore? Here Are Your OptionsIf a sudden illness, job loss, or other unexpected setback has made making payments on your home more difficult, then you may be wondering what options you have to avoid foreclosure. While selling your home if you can no longer afford your mortgage anymore is a good plan of action, the home-selling process can add a lot of stress to your already full plate during this challenging time. We’ve laid out some of your key options below, as well as tips on how to make the best decision for you.

Sell Your Home By Owner

If you have the time to commit to selling your home without the help of a third party, you could choose to sell it by yourself. However, this process involves attracting buyers, staging the home, making costly repairs, and paying hidden fees and transfer taxes that you may not have accounted for. Since you’re likely already under a lot of pressure right now, this may not be the best option due to the time-crunch of not being able to pay your mortgage and risking foreclosure.

Hire a Realtor

You’ve likely seen plenty of advertisements for realty companies and individual realtors around, so this may seem like an attractive option at first. However, the home-selling process with a realtor is not always as easy as they make it seem in their glossy ads. You’ll still have to deal with many of the same pains as selling your home by owner, including invasive and time-consuming open houses as well as paying the same associated closing costs—not to mention the realtor’s own fees.

Turn to a Cash Home Buyer

So, what can you do to avoid all the extra steps and headaches that come with trying to sell your home fast when you can no longer afford your mortgage? A cash home buying company may be the perfect solution. Turning to a company like this—so long as you choose the right one, of course—makes the home-selling process as simple, easy, and painless as possible. Reliable companies like Fifth Avenue Property Group can even cover everything from making repairs and removing leftover items from the home to handling the fees and taxes typically associated with closing. The normal process of selling your house is scary, as your home and credit score are left highly at risk. This makes turning to a trusted cash home buyer a better option for many in this tricky situation.

What Now?

Now that you’ve been presented with all your options for what to do when you can’t afford your mortgage anymore and need to sell your house, it’s time to make a decision. If turning to a cash home buyer sounds like the best decision for you, then you’ll need the help of a company you can trust. For homeowners in Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities, that company is Fifth Avenue Property Group. We understand the challenges that face homeowners in this difficult time, which is why we do the hard work for you so that you can get back to what matters most. Countless Pennsylvania residents have turned to us for our streamlined, three-step home-selling process, which involves:

  1. Contacting us via phone or through our website and being presented with a free estimate
  2. An in-home evaluation, after which we’ll provide you with a cash offer you can accept on the spot
  3. Closing on your home and taking care of all the details, leaving you with cash in your pocket after the closing date that we schedule in advance

With Fifth Avenue Property Group, selling your home is simple. We work hard for our customers, and our dedication to helping homeowners sell their homes during tough times has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you can’t afford your mortgage anymore and need to sell your home fast, then it’s time to give the professionals at Fifth Avenue Property Group a call. Contact us today to learn more about the cash-buying process and how we can help.

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