Selling Your Pittsburgh Home Fast Due to Relocation

Are you relocating and need to sell your home in Pittsburgh, PA, fast? When you have to relocate to a new area there are many things you have to figure out. Arriving in a new city has its challenges, learning where everything is at, navigating to your new job, and getting settled in your new home. With all the new things happening in your life, the last task you want to worry about is selling your house in Pittsburgh, PA, while you’re in a different part of the country.

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Sometimes life changes in the blink of an eye where you need to relocate from your home. If it’s for a job you may not have the time it takes to put your house on the market and wait for it to sell. In a perfect situation, you would have plenty of notice and many of us prefer to sell our current house in Pittsburgh, PA, prior to moving. Having the additional expense of two houses can quickly become overwhelming trying to manage from 2 different locations.

Regrettably, selling your house in Pittsburgh-PA advance of having to move isn’t always possible. Relocating out of state before you sell your house doesn’t work if you need the cash from closing on your current home to pay for the relocation and get a new house. Also, buying a new house in a different state without a job requires getting your loan approved prior to moving, which could be difficult with having a mortgage on your current home.

Selling Your Home in Pittsburgh Fast Has Lots of Benefits

You’re not concerned about having to rent your house in Pittsburgh out to someone you don’t know. With being a landlord that lives out of the area, you’re still responsible for all the repairs. If your new renters aren’t paying rent on time, can you afford it? Not having to deal with bad renters or worrying about home repairs is an upside to dealing with us. We will buy your house for cash and close in as little as 7 days! Over the last few years, many of our customers needed to sell fast due to relocation. The stress involved with managing a house from a different area can become too much. In addition, a large number of our customers have already relocated and contacted us to purchase their home. If you’re ready to wash your hands with your property, then contact Fifth Avenue Property Group, Pittsburgh’s best and largest home buyer. Our simple 3 step process makes it easy to sell your Pittsburgh house due to relocation.

How We Buy Houses in Pittsburgh From Relocating Customers

Call Us or Submit Your Information on Our Website

We’ll go over the current condition and features of your home and then give you a fair estimate over the phone based on the previous sales and Pittsburgh market condition. If you like our roundabout offer, we’ll schedule a home visit to provide a free no-obligation accurate cash offer.



Get Us Access to Your Home

Our Pittsburgh-PA Home Buying expert will come to your house in Pittsburgh-PA and perform a quick inspection. After, he will contact you with final offer and send you paperwork to sign.





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After Fifth Avenue Property Group

We Will Set Up a Closing

It really is that easy to sell your Pittsburgh home to Fifth Avenue Property Group. Our home buyers will complete anything that is required for you and schedule the closing at the best time for you. Your only responsibility is to make it to the closing on the day you pick, and to receive your cash from the sale of your Pittsburgh, PA, home.