Client signs a document to sell their home with a calculator and house figure on the table

Client signs a document to sell their home with a calculator and house figure on the tableHave you recently decided to sell your home? If so, you’re likely facing a lot of decisions that need to be made without delay. Whatever your reasons are for placing your home on the market, the way you go about selling can make all the difference. One fast, simple way to sell is by working with a home-buying company, which is a company that takes care of the sales process for you.

Also called cash home buyers or express home buyers, home-buying companies take the stress out of the complicated home-selling process. That isn’t the only benefit to working with them, though, so you’ll want to consider the following reasons to choose one when you need to sell your home:

1. It’s Faster Than Other Methods

Sure, you could work with a real estate agent or try to sell your home by yourself, but these methods of selling are far from fast if you’re on a tight schedule. With plenty of paperwork to sort through and other problems that can crop up just before a sale is finalized, selling a home the traditional way isn’t exactly a quick process. A home buying company, on the other hand, removes the hurdles that stand between you and that final sale, ensuring that everything can move as it should so that you aren’t left short on time.

2. You Won’t Need to Worry About Making Home Repairs

If you haven’t had the time or resources to make repairs to your home before putting it up for sale, there’s no need to worry. A home-buying company will take your home as is, meaning you won’t have to put in any extra funds—or time—renovating the property to attract buyers.

3. You’ll Be Paid in Cash

Trying to sell your home when you need cash fast? There’s no better way to do just that than by working with a home-buying company. The right company will view the home, make a reasonable offer, help you pick a closing date, and provide you with your cash at the end—it’s that simple. A quick, 100% cash close on your home, all without the hassles and headaches that typically come along with trying to sell.

4. You Don’t Have to Pay Commissions

When you work with a home-buying company, the amount you see when you sign your offer is the amount you’ll actually receive. This is different than how it works when you go through a realtor, as you’ll quickly see your profit drop once commissions and other fees are taken out. On top of this benefit to working with a cash homebuyer, though, there’s also the benefit of not having to deal with the fees often associated with the sale of a home. With no closing costs or transfer fees to worry about, you’ll enjoy a process that’s as stress-free as possible.

The Home-Buying Company to Trust

Now that you know more about the reasons to work with a home-buying company, you’ll need to select the right one for you. Fortunately, if you’re a resident of the Pittsburgh area, you won’t need to search far and wide for this company. Instead, simply turn to the experts at Fifth Avenue Property Group. We’re a family-owned home-buying company that’s helped countless Pennsylvania residents sell in times of need, and we do it all with our convenient, three-step process:

  1. We’ll discuss your needs and the details of your home over the phone and provide an estimate
  2. We’ll meet you at your home to conduct a walkthrough, evaluate its condition, and make a sound offer
  3. Once you accept, we’ll get to work and sell your home in as little as two weeks after our walkthrough

When you choose Fifth Avenue Property Group as your home-buying company, selling your home for cash is just that easy. To learn more about our process and what makes us the company to trust to sell your home, contact us today.

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