Tips for Selling Your House Fast

Tips for Selling Your House FastYou get a new job in another city, you become the caretaker for an ailing relative in another state, a sudden change in your financial situation makes paying your mortgage or tax payments impossible—there are several reasons why you might need to relocate quickly, and all of them come with varying degrees of stress. And if you find that the drawn-out process of staging, listing, and selling your home is one stressor too many, you’re not alone. That’s why Fifth Avenue Property Group has put together this convenient guide with tips you can use to sell your house fast. So read on to learn how you can move your property quickly while still getting a return on your investment.

Choose Your Strategy Before Putting Your Property on the Market

Did you know that there are several different ways you can go about selling your home? And as anyone who works in real estate will tell you, some of these approaches help to sell homes faster than others. Most homeowners opt for one of three approaches:

Selling to an Investor

When it comes to selling a house fast, most homeowners find themselves hoping the perfect buyer will drop out of the sky ready to sign on the dotted line. This fairy tale, while pretty, happens rarely. Investors, on the other hand, are quite common and can certainly help you sell your house fast. These individuals or property groups specialize in purchasing homes as-is, upgrading them, and selling them at a higher rate for a profit. Because of this, they aren’t usually picky about the features, location, or condition of a property. They buy based on potential and like to move quickly.

While partnering with an investor will help you sell your home faster than either of the popular alternatives, you should be aware that this approach may result in you making slightly less money on your property. Trustworthy investors pay competitive rates—with some even paying cash—but they’re not usually interested in haggling over the bottom line. To these property groups, purchasing your house is a business decision, not an emotional one.

Hiring a Professional Real Estate Agent

Professional real estate agents tend to know how to move properties quickly, especially if they have plenty of experience working in your area. So if you want to sell your house fast, a good realtor can serve as a valuable ally so long as you’re willing to pay them a commission for their services.

Before you run out to the nearest real estate office, though, you should know that most realtors trying to make a quick sale will push you to invest in getting your home market-ready. This means hiring handymen, landscapers, and painters to repair any damage and give your house a fresh look. Your realtor may also recommend putting your belongings in a storage unit and renting generic furniture to properly stage your house. These costs can quickly add up, eating into your bottom line.

Selling For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Homeowners looking to avoid working with realtors usually consider listing their homes themselves. This approach can help you save money when it comes to commissions (you’ll only have to pay the buyer’s agent a commission) and will provide you with greater control over how much you invest in getting your property market ready.

A word of caution, however: Unless you can negotiate like a pro and have plenty of experience selling properties, listing your home FSBO can make it incredibly difficult to sell your home faster than you would otherwise. That’s because you’ll have to handle escrow negotiations, contract prep work, signing, closing, and several other tasks on your own. And if you haven’t worked with real estate contracts before, you’ll need to run everything by an attorney to make sure everything has been properly filled out. This can dramatically slow down your home selling process.

Want to Sell Your House Fast?

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