Sell My Rental Property In Pittsburgh-PA

Selling My Rental Property In Pittsburgh

Many of our customers tell us the same exact thing, “I am sick and tired of dealing with tenants.” Also, getting contacted for repairs on the property and waiting for them to make their rent payment. It’s difficult to locate a dependable renter for a lease, Is the additional stress worth it at all?

Many of us are already tired from our everyday lives and don’t have the additional time or effort required for owning a rental in Pittsburgh-PA. The initial idea of earning residual income sounds great but when reality sets in, is it even worth it? We can help you sell your rental property in Pittsburgh-PA! Fifth Avenue Property Group will purchase your rental property quickly, for cash!

Get Cash From Selling Your Rental Property In Pittsburgh-PA

It's important to do research on any company before you decide to sell your Pittsburgh-PA home to them. Some companies that are not established in our community will take advantage of customers and rip them off.  Fifth Avenue Property Group has an A+ B.B.B. rating and we try our hardest to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Listed below are some of our customer testimonials, if you have any questions or want references please feel free to contact us. 


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  • 1 CONTACT US-We’ll go over the current condition and features of your home and then give you a fair estimate over the phone based on the previous sales and market condition in your area. If you like our roundabout offer, we’ll scheduling a home visit to provide a completely accurate home evaluation.
  • 2 MEET US-Our Pittsburgh-PA Home Buying expert will meet you at your house to complete a home evaluation and check for any home repairs that are needed. Don’t stress about it, you will not be responsible to complete any of the repairs yourself. We’ll handle all of that for you.  After our home evaluation is completed, our home buying expert will explain and sign our sales agreement with you.
  • 3 COLLECT YOUR MONEY-It’s honestly that simple. We'll take care of all the details for you and schedule everything in accordance with your timeline. Your only responsibility is to be there, show us your home and you’ll receive your cash from the sale of your home within hours.

Selling Your Rental Property In Pittsburgh With Tenants

There is an upside and a downside to selling your rental in Pittsburgh-PA with tenants still occupying it. With tenants living in it you are showing the Pittsburgh property is generating income. It will show the potential new buyer that is it rentable, the downside is dealing with the tenants during the home sales process.

Some property tenants will make the sales process easy and cooperate, while others won’t fearing they will lose their place to live. The unrulily tenants will make showing the property difficult and try to scare potential buyers off. What is great for you, Fifth Avenue Property Group has handled this situation many times and know exactly how to deal with it. We will buy your rental property in Pittsburgh-PA even if you have tenants in place without any hesitation.

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