What To Do When You Need to Find Accessible Housing for Seniors

What To Do When You Need to Find Accessible Housing for SeniorsAs we age, the things we once considered normal can begin to become more challenging—and possibly even impossible—over time. One of the clearest examples of this is with our homes, where things as commonplace as a stoop in the entryway, a set of stairs, or even a slippery bathtub with high tub walls can start to be greater threats to your comfort as well as your health and safety. This is why many homeowners choose to opt for senior housing, which is designed specifically to remove the hazards that can make daily life at home challenging.

But if you or a loved one could benefit from accessible housing for seniors, there’s some things that need to be handled first. With that said, here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in senior housing.

What Makes Senior Housing a Good Choice?

Even if you love your home, senior housing may be a good option for you if getting around that home has become more difficult. Certain home improvement projects could be completed to make your home more accessible—such as adding a wheelchair mover to your staircase or replacing your shower with a walk-in tub—but these come with hefty price tags (not to mention long project timelines that turn your home into a construction zone for weeks on end) that typically don’t make them worth the investment.

Senior housing, on the other hand, is centered specifically around the dedicated care and comfort of individuals who have trouble getting around or completing regular at-home tasks alone. Many complexes that are designed specifically as housing for seniors will feature luxuries like elevators, single-level and wheelchair accessible layouts, and even healthcare staff on hand to provide assistance if needed. This allows many people to maintain their quality of life while having confidence that their health and safety is protected.

What If You Already Own a Home?

If senior housing is a good option for you but you already live a home that you own, you aren’t out of options. Partnering with a reliable cash home buyer will allow you to set up everything with your new accessible living complex and focus on the things that matter while the headaches and hassles that typically come along with the home-selling process are all handled for you. This saves you time, money, and stress so that you can start preparing for your new home.

However, the company you turn to can make all the difference. Not every cash home buyer will treat you and your home with the respect you deserve, but Fifth Avenue Property Group certainly will. We’ve helped countless Pennsylvania residents sell their homes due to all sorts of challenging circumstances, including the need to sell in order to move into accessible senior housing. We break the process down into three simple steps:

  1. First, you reach out to us over the phone and we learn a little bit more about your property before providing an estimate
  2. Next, we visit your home and conduct a walk-through, after which we’ll give a cash offer you can sign on the spot
  3. We handle all the details—including paying any fees or closing costs, making repairs, and the other pains that can come with selling a home—and get your home sold as-is in as little as two weeks

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