Selling a House in Pittsburgh, PA, That Needs Repairs

We Buy Houses in Pittsburgh, PA, in Any Condition

Selling a house in Pittsburgh that needs repairs can be challenging.  How much should you spend repairing it? What is your Pittsburgh-PA distressed property value?  Properties like this aren’t typically found on the MLS and are often avoided by many Pittsburgh real estate agents. This is simply because there isn’t a high market for homes like this. However, selling a distressed house in Pittsburgh, PA, can be very achievable if you contact the right Pittsburgh home buyers. If you trying to sell a handyman special, Pittsburgh house, one of the things you want to avoid doing is spending additional money on the Pittsburgh house to sell it. Often, it may not make sense to repair a house before selling it. Also, without any guarantees that you will see a return on your investment, you could be wasting money for no reason. It the Pittsburgh home repairs are cosmetic; you could complete the home repairs the ways you like and alienating someone with different tastes. In addition, avoid making any home repairs unless you are absolutely certain it will be worth it.

Selling a House That Needs Repairs in Pittsburgh, PA

Fifth Avenue Property Group is very interested in buying Pittsburgh fixer-upper properties. We love to make the repairs and revitalize the house for new buyers. Often the Pittsburgh homes need $25,000 to $100,000 in renovations to make them appeal to home buyers in Pittsburgh-PA. We believe selling a house in Pittsburgh shouldn’t be this difficult, our team has discovered a way for property owners to sell their houses in Pittsburgh for cash

What Repairs Will Cost for Your Pittsburgh House

With the price of building materials increasing yearly, it’s important to know how much it will cost to repair your distressed Pittsburgh, PA, house. Fifth Avenue Property Group will save you the hassle of having to get quotes and assure the work is being done correctly. We’ll buy your house in Pittsburgh, PA, that needs repair for cash in as little as 7 days!

Kitchen Remodel:  $16,600 Average

Paint Exterior of Home:  $9,300 Average

Paint Interior of Home:  $5,300 Average

New Shingle Roof:  $9,900 Average

Update Single Bathroom:  $5,600 Average

Update HVAC & A/C:  $8,800 Average

Carpeting Entire Home:  $3,200 Average

Install Vinyl Siding:  $11,500 Average

It’s Difficult to Sell a Damaged House in Pittsburgh, PA

Over the years we have encountered every type of damaged house in Pittsburgh. Fifth Avenue Property Group has purchased houses with pest problems, it’s extremely difficult to sell a hoarder’s house in Pittsburgh, PA, the traditional way with a real estate age. It’s not impossible though; contact us today for your free no-obligation fair cash offer. Our team of Pittsburgh home buyers will help you sell your house fast in Pittsburgh, PA, no matter what situation you are in!

We Buy Pittsburgh Houses in Disrepair

Fifth Avenue Property Group has purchased a number of disrepair houses in the Pittsburgh area. Often needing extensive repairs, totaling a significant amount of money and we paid cash to the homeowners. Many property owners were shocked that we bought their houses and we have become the Pittsburgh home buyer of choice for disrepair property owners.

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